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Most active robocallers in the past hour

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(303) 255-5125

(800) 353-5920

(866) 408-4070

(866) 890-3387

(833) 456-8600

(877) 647-8552

(913) 312-9568

(877) 664-0880

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Most active robocallers in the past 24 hours

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(800) 353-5920

(877) 647-8552

(505) 253-0594

(800) 388-5333

(833) 456-8600

(614) 534-2535

(800) 435-1415

(605) 884-4130

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Sam AnswerBot

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Robokiller tracks the top robocallers in the U.S., with over 1.5 billion numbers in our global database.

Together with AI and machine learning, our users help us identify spam callers. Then we add them to this database so everyone can protect themselves regardless of whether they use Robokiller.

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We also audio fingerprint the robocall and store it in our global database so they can’t strike again.

That means spam calls never even reach your phone, and you get to take back control of who calls you.

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