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11 user reports for (612) 815-5872


13 hours ago

Caller Name: Gloria Jean Cannon Wess and John Lebaron Cannon

Target spoofed number. This is from an Organized Stalking Network also known as “gang stalking” or “group stalking.” They spoof numbers and utilize false aliases in order to dupe others. Whomever’s number this rightfully belongs to it is being spoofed by this Organized Stalking Group and should be reported to the authorities if this number belongs to you. This group calls multiple times a day from different numbers. They spoof different numbers and call the people they’re assigned to illegally stalk and surveil. The calls are originating from the handlers who live at 21820 Ridgedale in Oak Park, Michigan 48237. These strange, obsessed, and childish individuals have committed shameless crimes against good people. The two handlers is A 68 year old women her The mother and Son duo behave like they’ve never left Elementary School. This is not the way middle age and someone pushing 70 is supposed to behave. The Mother and Son duo are abnormal individuals who practice Satanic practices-rituals, dabble into the dark arts, don’t have lives, and do not know how to mind their own business. Everything about them is fake. They lie,cheat, steal, frame innocent people, as well as create drama for sick,twisted, and sadistic entertainment purposes..along with spoofing phone numbers of innocent unknowing people...because these two non-humans are joyless and unhappy attention whores who don’t have anything better else to do. These two individuals have stolen inheritances, forgery of wills and property deeds, and tax fraud. They’ve stolen from their own families and former friends who only meant them well. This Mother and Son duo support their lifestyle by defrauding money from family members, former friends and even neighbors. They engage in Identity theft, the purchasing of copper from copper thieves who strip it from abandoned homes in Detroit, and other fraudulent transactions. The carnality,debauchery, hedonistic, and illegal activity that goes on within this three bedroom home along the cul-de-sac on Ridgedale is nothing short of astonishing. They have even went as far as having people set up and murdered due to their insatiable covetous appetite that is from jealousy and envy of those having something they covet and desire. They’ve spent their entire adult lives sabotaging, framing, and maligning others such as their own family members, former friends who’ve managed to see through the nothings they really are and even people who’ve never had any contact or dealings with. From this Mother and Son duo is where the spoofing of numbers and fraudulent spam calls are originating. The Mother and Son duo utilize the ties they have with Police, City state and National Government, and Military to set up and sabotage people they’ve become obsessed with due to their bitter envy and jealousy. These Two individuals are envious and jealous of others and try desperately to bring others down due to their own insecurities from Narcissistic Personality Disorder.The two cowards hide behind their cowardly organized stalking group who are called “Agents” or “Perps” which is short for Perpetrators. The Perps drive at excessively high rates of speed up and down the street all day in front of people’s homes watching and following them all day because they have no lives and envy those that do. Almost hitting children because they’re driving so fast just to indulge in their sick abnormal behavior of watching people they don’t even know. These people are being paid by a few crooked law enforcement, military personnel and those who work for the government. They have secret money funneled in and the people are paid with gift cards, vouchers, public housing, and etc. I would like to add that the shameless behavior of a chosen few does not represent the brave men and women in blue and those who serve our country.

January 24, 2020

Caller Name: target

its target redcard trying to get there money

January 17, 2020

Lawncare Offer

I think ur all seriously crazy for betraying me instead of being a true friend. Jokes on u guys. My fantasy is obviously not f*****g that. M and S. Come on morons. Leave me alone or put a bullet in my head cause obviously u don’t want to knuckle up. No wonder why u hide in the shadows for so long. East cost s***s a fat smelly deer rat. West side connecttions.

January 6, 2020



December 10, 2019


Idk what it was about. He hung up.

December 7, 2019



Melissa B.

December 5, 2019

Caller Name: Target's credit card department

Today I received three calls within a two hr period of time from phone number: 612.815.5872. As of 5:18pm I have received a total of six calls today!!! (*11:36am, *1:40pm, *1:51pm, *4:01pm *4:34pm, and *5:12pm) On the 6th call, I answered. It is the customer service dept. for a national retail store, Target. Target was calling about their store's credit card named The "RedCard". Target was calling to inform me that my credit-card payment hasn't posted, & so it is late/past due!

December 3, 2019


Calls me all times of day and evening. Going on a week. Doesn't leave a message. It's harassment at this point.

November 14, 2019


My cell phone number used to be owned by Jeffrey Montague. I’ve had this number for 3 years. This company keeps calling me asking for him (as he owes people all over the place). I’ve called this company and told them this...and instead of really taking my cell off their list, they continue to call me. BIG HUGE SIGH!!!

November 8, 2019

Bill Reminder
Caller Name: Target Card


November 1, 2019


I didn’t know what that is.

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