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December 5, 2019




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1 user report for (986) 497-1302

December 4, 2019

Caller Name: Yourprofit247.com

Here is the voice mail I got from them: “Hang on one second hey what's going on I just wanted to touch base with you and see if you had a chance to finish reviewing the information on the down for you on my business this is the one where you don't have to learn you know marketing you're not talk to anyone on the phone or close sales and the way the system is set up if you plug into if you could be making you know around nine $10,000 a month and will show you how to make even more than that if you're aggressive and you know my so that I know you have an a chance at the finish going from what it looks like but you know what hurt you at least check it out you know there's a lot of you know scams online and stuff so you want to definitely do your due diligence but you might as well at least see what it's all about it's www.yourprofit 247 com again that's www.yourprofit24 seven still just the way it sounds while you are TROSIT the number is 247.com thanks…”

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