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October 22, 2019




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What is this scam? How do I determine if this is a scam?

Political robocallers are often legitimate calls from a real political campaign. Legitimate political robocallers aren't trying to scam you or get your personal information for nefarious purposes. However, even legitimate versions of political robocalls can be annoying. And of course -- scammers may use politics to their advantage, too. Like religious scams, political scams may use a "common ground" to lower your defenses. A shared political party is shared affiliation -- you're both part of the same group, so you aren't as suspicious as you should be. Be very wary of any political call that requests a donation -- especially if the donation needs to be in a strange currency like gift cards or wire transfer. If you want to donate to a political cause, dial up an organization directly. If a political caller is requesting a lot of personal information, zip your lips. They're probably a scammer.

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1 user report for (951) 460-0741

October 22, 2019

Caller Name: Fake Political Poller?

I just got a phonecall from someone claiming to conduct a political survey poll. The person sounded unprofessional so I asked him for the company name, he said KRI Interviewing. I couldn't find much about it so I prodded more. He couldn't tell me anything about who is sponsoring the poll and claimed that I was picked form a random pool of phone numbers. He then said that he's actually working for KGS Research, which there is also no any info about that I could find. He basically froze up when I started asking more questions. I'm not sure what the scam is here, but this seems beyond-fishy.

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