(951) 337-4012 Alternately: +19513374012 Payment Scam / Scam Blacklist



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December 4, 2019




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5 user reports for (951) 337-4012


December 2, 2019


Told me I owed back taxes and would have a warrant put out for my arrest if I did not submit a payment right now. I just hung up as I know this isn't true.

November 28, 2019

Caller Name: Fake IRS officer scam call from India threatening to sue or arrest you. lol

This is a fake IRS officer or fake credit/loan services scam call by criminals operating from India, threatening to sue you or arrest you for fake unpaid back taxes or unpaid credit debt. The scam tries to threaten and coerce you into driving to a bank to wire them thousands of dollars. These fake IRS and credit/loan scams either ask for your credit card number or want you to directly wire them money from a bank while they stay on the phone with you. Basically, it is an extortion phone call. The IRS will never phone you like this and demand immediate payment. More than 99% of all North America phone scams originate from crowded phone rooms in India that run multiple fraud, extortion, and money laundering scams every day ranging from fake pharmacies to posing as fake IRS officers collecting on "unpaid back taxes", pretending to offer fake health insurance or Social Security services, car warranty and credit card consolidation services, posing as Microsoft or HP to say that your services need renewal or they detected a problem with your computer, and the scammers try to obtain your credit card or Social Security number and personal information. The Caller ID phone number is very easy to spoof to create any fake Caller ID number display. Some scammers also try to gain your trust by looking up the name associated with a phone number and asking for a person by name when they call. I love to toy with these scammers and keep them on the phone for over an hour by pretending to be interested in their scam. You do these scammers a favor by yelling at them and quickly hanging up. But you ruin their scams by dragging them along on the phone call and giving them fake personal information. It is really very simple and easy to avoid phone and email scams - never trust any unsolicited call because they are always scams, and most of the scam calls originate from India.


November 27, 2019

Caller Name: ?

I didn’t answer


November 27, 2019

Caller Name: 951 337-4012 (Unknown Caller)

Answered phone. No response. Call Disconnected. Testing / verfiying valid number for upcoming avalanche of Spam?

November 26, 2019


Received a call from 951-337-4012 today. Left a voice that rambled, could not understand it. Deleted it & blocked this scam call.

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