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(888) 741-1115 is a Bank Call

Alternately: +18887411115

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Direct Express

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12 user reports for (888) 741-1115

The comments below are user submitted reports by third parties and are not endorsed by RoboKiller.

January 15, 2021

Caller Name: I don’t know

Every time is calls it says “if this is not so in so hit 2 to be removed” and when you hit 2 it doesn’t do anything

November 25, 2020



October 30, 2020


Accepted calls

September 26, 2020

Caller Name: Fake "Direct Express" number spoofed on Caller ID

This is supposedly the official number for Direct Express. But I have never used or done business with this service. The call that I received said "Direct Express" on Caller ID, but it was a definite SCAM!! Caller probably did not realize his speaker was left on while he conversed with others in a noisy boiler room, speaking what sounded like Hindi, before he finally spoke to me a minute later. Spoke with a thick accent, could barely understand him. But I did understand when he asked for my social number, and that is when I hung up. These India scammers are relentless! I read a few days ago that India is now the new COVID-19 epicenter for Coronavirus infections, so their imploding economy is triggering huge tsunamis of phone scammers working in germy phone rooms trying to steal your money! That explains why I am noticing far more Indians phoning me with every kind of scam right now! Every week, they pretend to be just about everyone except my father lol. And these callers are all ready to drop the f-bomb if you politely tell them to stop calling!

July 31, 2020

Caller Name: My debit card

It would not connect so therefore I missed it!

March 27, 2020



March 27, 2020

Caller Name: Good

My Debit Card

August 10, 2019


nobody was on the other end

July 1, 2019



April 27, 2019


Direct express

February 28, 2019


Express Deposit calling to let me know about someone’s deposit being made. No number to callback to get my number removed from their call list.

December 30, 2018


Direct express debit card

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