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February 14, 2020




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What is this scam? How do I determine if this is a scam?

Computer security scammers call about your broken, infected, and hacked computer. These scammers claim your computer is busted -- and only they can fix it. They'll ask for a huge payment for their services, and they may even keep charging you for a (completely bogus) monthly "security package." Sometimes, these computer security scammers will try to get remote access to your computer. Once they're in, they take your personal information, banking details, and whatever else they can grab. Computer security scammers love spoofing their numbers -- they will often appear to be calling from Microsoft or Apple! Be wary of anyone offering computer security services over the phone -- Apple and Microsoft will never call you out of the blue to troubleshoot a security problem.

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2 user reports for (888) 297-7094


February 15, 2020

Caller Name: Refund for Credit Card Charge

TOTAL SCAM!!!! Don’t give them ANY info!!!!!!! ***************************************** Received an automated voicemail message to call back regarding a refund for a $299 charge made in error. I knew it was a scam but called them back to see what their approach was going to be this time. A man with an Indian accent picked up and I could hear lots of other voices in the background talking to other customers. The man said he wanted to give a refund for the $299 credit card charge made in error. I said I never had such a charge on my credit card. Then he said yes there was and he needed to process a refund. I said no again. Then he said then maybe it was taken out of my checking or savings account. I played dumb and said that could be possible but that I needed to check those accounts. The man then graciously offered to check it for me if I were to provide him with my credit card #’s and banks accounts. He kept saying the company made the charge in error for sure but due to security reasons he couldn’t tell me which account/card. And that I needed to provide him with the numbers so that he could verify it and issue the refund. READERS !!!! - don’t provide any info to them!! Either hang up or don’t call them back!! As soon as they have your account #’s, they will NOT give you a refund. Rather, they will TAKE your money!!!

February 13, 2020

Caller Name: Nameless Anti-Virus Company

Called to let me know that there was going to be a $299 charge within 24 hours for a renewal of my Anti-Virus software. They left a message with this phone number to call back.

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