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November 8, 2019




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2 user reports for (878) 205-9467

November 15, 2019




November 8, 2019

Caller Name: Account Services

I have been getting the same type of calls from different numbers, about 2x per week, for the past 4 weeks consecutively. The phone rings once, then hangs up and calls right back, and rings once and hangs up. Caller I.D. shows 2 missed calls from the same number, and reveals the caller as "Account Services". The first time this happened, I looked up the number and it came back as belonging to the U.S. Patent Office. So, wanting to help, thinking some poor guy has waited forever to get his gadget Patented, and they called me instead. So I called the number, and the electronic assistant stated something about speaking to an agent about "unsecured credit"? I assumed it was probably a scam call and hung up. They are still calling from multiple numbers, and at this point it has turned into harrassment! Donald Trump has intentions of doing away with the Central Banking System, so perhaps they are getting desperate and are trying to squeeze out the last dime they can out of poor American Citizens, they caused to be impoverished in the first place! Oh and Trump wants to do away with the Federal Reserve, an extension of the Central Banks, not having anything to do with our Federal Government! And Trump wants to do away with the IRS as well. Trump thinks they have made a killing off of the people at our expense and there is no reason to keep the IRS, when it is the police agency for the Federal Reserve! Our tax dollars do not go back into infrastructure, but rather are stolen from us, and if the Govt wants to use any of those tax dollars that were illegally collected from us, for schools, roads, highways, bridges, & etc., they must BORROW that money from the FED, with interest! Hate Trump if you must, but he is the first and only President that wants the citizens of the USA, to be in control of this country, not big govt! Just like the Founding Fathers of this great nation intended! I think Trump is brilliant and will always ROCK in my book! Take care & God Bless!

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