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(866) 909-4123 is a Student Loans Call

Alternately: +18669094123

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Student Loan

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Student Loans

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the Department of Education recently announced that extended the payment suspension for federal student loan borrowers until May 1st of 2022 if you have questions student connections provides free support on behalf of your school to assist with federal student loans for additional details about the payment suspension or assistance please call us at █████ thank you goodbye

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9 user reports for (866) 909-4123

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November 16, 2021

Student Loans

I don’t Have Any!

November 15, 2021

Student Loans
Caller Name: Auto Call

Auto caller about student loans.

November 11, 2021

Caller Name: Doesn’t say anything

Hang up

August 19, 2021

Student Loans
Caller Name: Student Connections

Scam - not affiliated with the Dept of Education

June 29, 2021

Student Loans

recorded, can't call back

February 3, 2021


voice over message

January 28, 2021

Student Loans

This is for my real student loan.

November 17, 2020

Caller Name: Dog Shit Filth

The Seven D’Souza as well as others believe and have condemned me for the responsibility of leading to the destruction of their organization but in fact, it was their own recklessness they should charge. They were so brazen they posed as DEA conducting several drug raids. On at least one occasion, this choice to rid itself of a competitor was under investigation by the Real DEA leading to their demise. In closing, it is but one of multiple fabrications brought about by the enemy, sanctioned by the church, to remove prosperity & companionship permanently so so die alone. The degree at Sinclair included

July 28, 2020


student loan scammerz! fake!!!

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