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(866) 665-4386 is a Government Call

Alternately: +18666654386

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9 user reports for (866) 665-4386

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September 7, 2020


Hmm, previous comments mentioned weather alerts and air quality, but the call that I received was a scam. Noisy call center and the caller could barely speak English, likely Indian. The dude said he was with DHL and that I had a packaged waiting which needed extra customs fees paid. I have not ordered any mail order stuff for several weeks now, so this was indeed a scam. Dude then asks for my credit card and social. Huh? I am not that dumb. I recently read that the India economy has been one of the hardest hit due to Covid this year. So that explains why I am noticing far more Indians phoning me with every kind of scam right now! So all those unemployed Indians are now working for India's booming phone scam industry. smh

August 29, 2020

Caller Name: Potential SCAM!

This call is valid if the call provides weather and air quality alerts. However, this call is a definite SCAM if the recording or caller pretends to be a pharmacy, UPS/DHL/Fedex, credit card and loan services, health insurance, or doctor's office, which are all SCAMS that India scammers are using this number for. The India-based scammers have been spoofing this number on Caller ID for more than 3 years now!!!

August 27, 2020

Community Alert
Caller Name: Spare the air alert

Letting me know today is a spare the air day.

June 23, 2020

Caller Name: Weather warning alert

National weather alert

April 9, 2020



November 9, 2019

Community Alert

Spare the air alert Caller ID SHOWS PHARMACY

May 1, 2019


Weather alerts

April 25, 2019



February 7, 2019


Doctor’s Office

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