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(866) 204-2579 is a Student Loans Call

Alternately: +18662042579

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Student Loans

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Student Loans

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October 15, 2021

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hi this is Amy Fisher from student loan support our records indicate you are eligible for a loan forgiveness program but never completed the required document if you want to proceed with this application we need to speak with you today please give us a call back at █████ secure

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What is this scam? How do I determine if this is a scam?

Student loan robocalls are a twist on loan scams with a specific focus on student debt. This is a lucrative market for scammers, as student loans may be very large. Sometimes these scammers are just after your personal information. However, scammers may also offer payment reduction or debt forgiveness plans -- for a small fee, of course. Younger people are often victimized by these scammers. Young adults, with crushing student debt, often cannot resist the temptation of reduced payments or debt forgiveness. Be suspicious of any student loan offer received over the phone. Never make a payment to a student loan or debt relief organization that called you unsolicited.

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1 user report for (866) 204-2579

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Got called

October 16, 2021

Student Loans
Caller Name: Amy Fisher of Student Loans Support

She wanted me to call 866-205-9934 for secure my student loans forgiveness. I paid off my loans 4 years ago.