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(844) 970-2029 is a Debt Collector Call

Alternately: +18449702029

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Debt Collector

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Debt Collector

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April 7, 2020

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What is this scam? How do I determine if this is a scam?

While many debt collection calls are legitimate, scammers also use debt collection calls. They may call about a phony or old debt and try to scare you into paying. Debt collection scammers often want immediate payment. These robocallers may also request a method a legitimate collection agency would never use -- debt collection scammers often push for gift cards or wire transfer.

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5 user reports for (844) 970-2029

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April 7, 2020

Caller Name: Robocalling Scammer!

This is a robocalling scammer claiming to be a 'debt collector'.

January 6, 2020


There was nothing said on this call it was an open line.

December 21, 2019

Caller Name: Fake debt collector scam call by criminals phoning from India

This is a fake debt collection scam call by criminals phoning from India, trying to obtain your credit card number, Social Security number, and personal information. There are hundreds of these India extortion scams that begin with a recorded message that tries to scare you with a fear of being sued or arrested. This call begins with a pre-recorded robotic speaker who pretends to be a credit agency or debt collector. The robotic English message is generated using text-to-speech software to disguise the origin of this India scam. If you respond to the call, then you get transferred to the East Indian scammer who says that you have an outstanding debt of several thousand dollars and he repeatedly threatens to arrest you. This extortion attempt is just another variation of the fake Social Security and IRS officer threats to sue or arrest you, which also all originate from India scammers. The scammer then either tells you that you can pay off your debts with a credit card (I kept asking him if he could accept my Diners Club card for payment lol) or he insists that you drive to the bank and wire him money while he stays on the phone with you. More than 95% of all North America phone scams originate from crowded phone rooms in India that run numerous fraud, extortion, and money laundering scams every day ranging from fake pharmacies to posing as fake Social Security or IRS officers collecting on "unpaid back taxes", fake bill collectors threatening you for overdue bills, pretending to offer fake health insurance, car warranty and credit card consolidation services, posing as Amazon to falsely say that an unauthorized purchase was made to your account or that your Prime membership was auto-debited from your credit card or bank account, posing as Microsoft or HP to say that your software needs renewal or they detected a problem with your computer, falsely stating that they installed ransomware virus on your computer and you need to pay them money, etc, and the scammers try to obtain your credit card or Social Security number and personal information. Some scammers try to gain your trust by looking up the name associated with your phone number and asking for you by name when they call. Many India scammers now phone you with an initial pre-recorded robotic person speaking English, Spanish, or Chinese that is easily generated using text-to-speech software to disguise the origin of their India phone room, but then you end up talking to an East Indian scammer when you take the bait and respond to the pre-recorded message. Scammers often either use disposable VoIP phone numbers or they spoof fake Caller ID phone numbers. Anyone, including you, can use telecom software or a third-party service to phone with fake Caller ID numbers. India scammers often spoof fake toll-free Caller ID numbers that begin with "8". India scammers do not care about the U.S. National Do-Not-Call Registry and asking scammers to stop calling has no effect. I love to play with these scammers and keep them on the phone by pretending to be interested in their scam because many scam victims are the senile elderly. You do these scammers a favor by yelling at them and quickly hanging up. But you ruin their scams by slowly dragging them along on the phone call, calling them back if their phone number can be phoned, pretending to be interested in their product or service, pretending that you are worried when they threaten you, giving them fake credit card numbers and fake personal information, asking them to speak louder to use up more of their energy, and toying with them for at least 10 or 20 minutes to use up more of their time and energy so they have less time to deceive an elderly victim. Never give an unknown caller your credit card number or Social Security number. Companies who already have your information may ask for the last four digits for verification purposes. Never trust any unsolicited call because they are mostly scammers, usually with a slight or strong foreign accent, and most scam calls originate from India. No other foreign country is infested with numerous noisy sweatshops filled with phone scam criminals. These India scammers belong to the lowest India caste and many are thieves, robbers, and rapists who were serving jail sentences and released early due to prison overcrowding.


December 20, 2019

Debt Collector

Automated voice directing us to call a given 800 # regarding a debt. We have no debts.

Big Ed

December 17, 2019

Caller Name: Unknown

Called, left no message. Generally anyone in 2019 who isn't prepared to leave a message must be a fraud. Should these creeps see this, I hope the get real jobs after getting out of prison.

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