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(800) 606-6841 is a Bill Reminder Call

Alternately: +18006066841

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Central Bill Reminder

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Bill Reminder

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What is this scam? How do I determine if this is a scam?

Bill reminder robocalls may be legitimate -- or they may be a scammer with a fake bill. Bill reminder scammers often pose as a utility company when dealing with individuals. These scammers call you up about an unpaid bill -- they may even know which utility company you are really using. You may be threatened with immediate service shut-off. Bill reminder scammers capitalize on our natural fear of having utilities cut off. Bill reminder robocalls may also target businesses, insisting some service or goods were ordered and require immediate payment. Don't pay up over the phone because you're being threatened with shut-offs or big fines. Always verify your payments with your providers by calling them directly. Be especially cautious if you receive an unexpected bill or invoice.

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3 user reports for (800) 606-6841

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November 19, 2020

Caller Name: Siding for the house

Another in a long line of calls from Clown Central

August 27, 2020


Been calling for Bill Tolson over and over

September 20, 2019

Debt Collector

central portfolio collections (CPC)

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