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(800) 545-1256 is a Scam Call

Alternately: +18005451256

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Accent Scam

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1 minute ago

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18 user reports


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9 user reports for (800) 545-1256

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August 15, 2021


Calls 6 times a day

July 20, 2021


Block Unknown

July 12, 2021


Cops are calling you

June 17, 2021

Credit Card
Caller Name: Scam

Please block this number entirely. I don’t want to get screen calls from this number.

June 10, 2021


Foreign language speaker. Deep Asian accent

May 27, 2021

Credit Card

Please block this caller known scammer

May 20, 2021

Caller Name: unknown

Received several calls from this number. Never left a voicemail.

May 14, 2021

Vehicle Warranty

Pls verify your car pls

April 12, 2021


this supposedly is macy's credit card debt collections. however....... i had a macy's card 30+ years ago, it expired long ago, and i have never had another macy's card since 30+ years ago. i phoned macy's and they have no records of any cards with my name, phone number, or address in their database. on top of that, the caller had a distinct indian accent and sounded like he was calling from some crowded boiler room during a pandemic, and this immediately raised red flags for me as being a scammer. so...... either scammers have previously hacked into macy's website or macy's server and stole their customer database and are now impersonating macy's, or they are randomly robo-dialing everyone and phishing for gullible victims. watch out for this call!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this may or may not the real macy's. to be safe, just call the number printed on the back of your macy's card and ask if you owe money!!!

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