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(720) 738-4277 is a Scam Call

Alternately: +17207384277

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Paper Listen There'S Scam

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July 23, 2020

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22 user reports for (720) 738-4277

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February 12, 2020


Fake work-from-home get-rich-quick scam call by madarchod criminals phoning from India This is a fake work-from-home get-rich-quick scam call by criminals phoning from a call center in India, trying to steal your credit card number, Social Security number, date of birth and personal information. The phone call begins with a pre-recorded message that is generated using text-to-speech translation software to disguise the origin of this India scam, and if you respond to the call, you are then transferred to what sounds like a noisy boiler room in India. More than 95% of all North America phone scams originate from crowded phone rooms in India that rotate through numerous different fraud, extortion, and money laundering scams every day such as pretending to be a fake pharmacy, posing as fake Social Security officers saying your benefits are suspended or fake IRS officers collecting on fake unpaid back taxes or fake bill collectors threatening you for fake unpaid debts, pretending to offer fake health insurance, car warranty, and debt, student loan forgiveness, credit card consolidation services, posing as Amazon to falsely say that an unauthorized purchase was made to your account or that your Prime membership was auto-debited from your credit card or bank account, posing as Microsoft or HP to say that your software needs renewal or they detected a problem with your computer, fake "we are refunding your money" or "your account has been auto-debited" scams, fake Google/Alexa listing and work-from-home scams, pretending to be DHL, UPS, or a bank, falsely stating that they installed ransomware virus on your computer and you need to pay them money, etc, and the scammers try to steal your credit card, bank account and routing number, or Social Security number and personal information. Some scammers try to gain your trust by looking up the name associated with your phone number and asking for you by name when they call. Many India scammers now phone you with an initial pre-recorded robotic person speaking English, Spanish, or Chinese that is easily generated using text-to-speech translation software to disguise the origin of their India phone room, but then you speak to the East Indian scammer when you take the bait and respond to the pre-recorded message. Scammers always either use disposable VoIP phone numbers (e.g. MagicJack devices) or they spoof fake Caller ID phone numbers. Anyone, including you, can use telecom software or a third-party service to phone using fake names and phone numbers that show up on Caller ID. India scammers often spoof fake toll-free Caller ID numbers that begin with "8". The Caller ID name and number is often useless with scam calls unless the scam setup asks you to phone them back and the Caller ID area code is almost never the area from which the scam call actually originated since many scams use fake area codes from across the U.S. and Canada, and also purposely faked foreign country Caller ID numbers (e.g. fake women crying "help me" emergency scams often use fake Mexico and Middle Eastern Caller ID numbers). Some India scammers also spoof the actual real phone numbers of businesses such as Apple, Verizon, and U.S. banks so when you phone the number back, you realize that you were scammed from the spoofed Caller ID number of the actual business. What is the best way to avoid being scammed by a phone call? Never trust any unsolicited caller or anyone who phones you with any kind of sales offer (more than 90% of unsolicited sales calls are scams so your odds of saving money are poor), any kind of legal or arrest threats, any claims of suspicious activity on an account, any claims of refunds or auto-renewed/auto-debited accounts, and any pre-recorded messages. Any unsolicited caller with a foreign accent (nearly always East Indian) should immediately be treated as a scam until carefully proven otherwise. India scammers do not care about the U.S. National Do-Not-Call Registry and asking scammers to stop calling has no effect. I love to play with these scammers and keep them on the phone by pretending to be interested in their scam because many scam victims are the senile elderly. You do these scammers a favor by yelling at them and immediately hanging up. But you ruin their scams by slowly dragging them along on the phone call, calling them back if their phone number can be phoned, pretending to be interested in their product or service, pretending that you are worried when they threaten you, always giving them fake credit card numbers and fake personal information, asking them to speak louder and to repeat what they said to use up more of their energy, pretending to innocently ask the scum why he is shouting profanities at me, etc. The best defense against phone scammers is a good offense by not quickly hanging up the phone, but instead toying with them for at least 10 or 20 minutes to use up more of their time and energy so they have less time to deceive an elderly victim. Never give an unknown caller your credit card number or Social Security number. Companies who already have your information may ask for the last four digits for verification. Some India scammers ask for your bank account and routing number or ask you to wire transfer them a payment, giving a fake explanation that they cannot accept a credit card or personal check. This is an instant scammer alert because scammers can withdraw money if they know your bank account and routing number (e.g. counterfeit cashed checks) and illegal wire transfers are far less traceable than unauthorized credit card charges. India scammers may threaten to have you arrested, but the IRS, Social Security Administration, and debt collectors cannot threaten to arrest or sue you on the phone; they are required to send you paper notices by registered mail. The police and FBI also will never phone you and say that officers are coming to arrest you (many India extortions threaten to send officers); if the police really want to arrest you, they just show up with a warrant without phoning first. Some India scammers ask you to use your browser to visit a website that allows the scammer to directly access and control your computer and then they can install a ransomware virus to extort money from you, or they ask you to download a virus file to your computer. If the scam sounds very authentic, ask the scammer for their verifiable company name, street address, and a callback number that can be searched and matched to the company name and address, which all real businesses will provide. Every East Indian scammer will immediately fail this test since they all use spoofed fake Caller ID numbers or VoIP numbers that they quickly dispose of. Never trust any unsolicited call because they are mostly scammers, usually with a slight or strong East Indian foreign accent, and most scam calls originate from India. No other foreign country is infested with numerous noisy sweatshops filled with phone scam criminals who belong to the lowest India caste and many are thieves, robbers, and rapists who were serving jail sentences but released early due to prison overcrowding. Most India scammers are men, but many are women who also readily shout profanities. Just laugh at them. Google "Hindi swear words" and memorize some favorites to feed to these scammers.

January 31, 2020


needs to stop!

November 27, 2019


Social Security scam.


November 6, 2019

Caller Name: No name

Same thing I got a call And I knew it was a scam right off the bat. There’s no way you can make that amount of money in one month and do nothing about it no way no possible way you have to work for what you got and what you want


November 5, 2019

Get Rich Quick Scheme
Caller Name: None given

Recorded message directing to website to make lots if money doing nothing. Similar message as others have stated...caller states he is "following up" as if I've had previous conversations. Idiots.

September 10, 2019


Express scripts

Flyin Eye

August 26, 2019

Wouldn't leave msg


August 22, 2019

Caller Name: ?


August 21, 2019

Caller Name:

Annoying autodialer with recorded message

August 9, 2019

Health Insurance


August 7, 2019

Caller Name: (720) 738-4277

Robo-call from (720) 738-4277 - left message matching below transcription: "Hey, I just wanted to follow up with you again, because I know you've been looking at a lot of different types of systems out there. You need to go check this out. If you haven't already seen it because listen, we have retirees that are generated incredible income with this completely automated system. And I don't see why how you can't also be generating at least seven to fourteen thousand dollars every couple weeks with what we're doing. I'm gonna give you that website in a second. So grab a pen and a paper. Listen, there's nothing complicated here. You don't need to learn how to build fancy website. Squeeze Pages anything like that? Why? Well, we've got it all figured out. It's a done-for-you system. It's talk marketing. You don't have to figure that out either because we already know what works."

August 1, 2019


No message was left

July 28, 2019


Awards dept

July 25, 2019

Get Rich Quick Scheme
Caller Name: unknown

Same voice message as though this person was returning a call or we had previously worked together. Far from the truth. Unable to block as it comes up restricted.

July 25, 2019


won't stop calling

July 23, 2019


I blocked this #, Some scam, I went to website they mentioned, Incognito, something about internet ans a Caribbean lake background, AVOID

July 17, 2019



July 9, 2019



Not that stupid!

June 27, 2019

Can't block the number because it comes up "Restricted" but under voicemail, it always has a different number (probably hacked) with the Same message each time: "Generate an incredible income with this completely automated system. and I don't see why how you can't also be generating $7-14k every couple weeks with what we're doing. Let me give you that website in a second so grab a pen and a paper. Listen there's nothing complicated here. You don't need to learn how to build fancy websites, squeeze pages, anything like that. Why, well we have it all figured out. It's a done for you system. Let's talk marketing. You don't have to figure that out either because we already know what works and we are going to plug you into that immediately so that you can generate these types of commissions as well. And then guess what – you never have to speak to a single prospect ever. That’s right, we have proven 6 and 7 figure coaches that will close the sales for you. So let me rewind… what do we have here that I want you to go see immediately? A complete done for you system – no technical knowledge is needed, you don’t need to learn any new marketing and remember, you never have to talk to a single person ever! So go onto this website as soon as you can - www. It’s spelled just like it sounds…. W-w-w-dot-a-t-m-three-two-dot-com. I want you to go check out and see what this system can do for you and your family immediately. I’ll see you on the other side.

June 18, 2019

Get Rich Quick Scheme

They don’t give a number to call back they talk as if I’ve already called them and they are returning my call which is a lie to start their scam

June 10, 2019


This scam was about having a person make income per week on line 😡 please continue with your quirky responses... love them 😊

June 5, 2019

Online Advertising

Bogus recording telling you “ Hey, it’s been awhile since we have talked about this online business. I know you are super excited about it and you have been to the website, I can’t believe you aren’t making $$$(some pie in the sky amount) I want you go to this website and get started.” The web address is “”......this was the same caller that didn’t leave a voicemail earlier today. No company name or his name - not a doubt in my mind this is a scam!!

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