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3 user reports for (719) 623-4857

November 10, 2019

Caller Name: FAKE police charity donation fundraising SCAM!

This is a FAKE CHARITY FUNDRAISING SCAM!!! 99% of these unsolicited phone calls from charity fundraisers that pretend to raise money for veterans, police, firefighters, breast cancer, autism, and other seemingly worthy causes are ALL SCAMS!! If you want to donate to these causes, do your own research and you will find reputable charities that actually donate most of the collected money to the actual cause that they represent. All these other fake fundraising scams keep all of the collected money for themselves, some of these fake fundraisers purposely overcharge your credit card by thousands of dollars and then disappear, and they all really ruin the trust that people have for the reputable charities. Nowadays, NEVER trust any unsolicited caller who supposedly represents a charity, a US/Canadian pharmacy, or a computer support person saying your computer has a virus. They all use fake Caller ID or VoIP phone numbers that they change every day. Legitimate businesses never use fake phone numbers where you cannot call them back.


November 10, 2019

Caller Name: unkown

Calls and hangs up when we answer, calls mornings 4 or 5 times a week

November 7, 2019


pretending to be a police officer, asking for donations.

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