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July 12, 2024

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I received an auto-blocked call (Verizon is on the job) from 512-333-4438 which was able to leave a voicemail. The message stated, "Hello, my name is Gabrielle Hall contacting you on behalf of DAP and Associates. At this time you have a very imperative matter to discuss at our office under a free legal status. Do contact my office back immediately at 866-571-0173." Sound super serious. Better get right on that. I contacted the number with my phone number shielded (*67 for anyone unaware) and spoke with 3 different people just to be sure this wasn't a legitimate concern (and also out of revenge). All individuals continually asked for my phone number to look up the matter. I explained I would not be giving my phone number, but surely a "very imperative matter" that requires my immediate attention should have my name attached to it. I gave them my name and each said they said they showed nothing but repeatedly asked for the phone number so they can be sure or "remove" it. The first individual, "Anthony", disconnected the call after about 15 minutes when I kept pressing the issue of why my phone number would be the linchpin to any "imperative matter". The second rep, "London", began the call exasperated, then turned rude, and also disconnected after about 10 minutes of back and forth. The third agent, "Mulvey" was surprisingly professional but was also hyper-motivated to get my phone number. I explained to him if the number is already auto-blocked I am not concerned with future attempts to call me, but my objective is to determine if any significant liability on my part exists and to get a feel of this organization. He claims to be based in upstate New York with a CEO named Reinhardt. The only "DAP and Associates LLC" entities that are active are in New Jersey, Missouri, Oklahoma, and one in the UK, while several more same-name entities show "canceled". Mulvey admitted there is nothing showing attached to my name but was insistent on getting my phone number no matter how much I explained that was not happening. Any number they know is live and being interacted with they can use it for other scams or sell it to other scammer entities in batches. Anyway, the whole thing smacks of a poorly run grift, and please know that I created frustration, and anger and wasted three people's time on everyone's behalf. But please - I am no hero. This was completely self-serving, but I understand if you think of me as such.

December 19, 2022


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