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May 23, 2024

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I picked up just to see what this was about as we have an Academy card thru Comenity Bank. Obviously overseas caller - gave me the song and dance about missing payment due on 4/12/24 and I could pay now to avoid late fees. I asked what the balance was and date statement was sent out. He said balance was $346.25 and statements went out on 4/7. Told him I didn't get one and as far as I knew no purchases had been made since last statement back in December. To keep me going he said he'd need to transfer me to a supervisor and it would take a couple minutes to connect. I ended the call after that transfer. Just wanted to see where this fraud was headed. These people are everywhere and the ID that came up for this number did say Comenity. So they probably change it depending upon what institution they are going to represent to see who bites.

April 15, 2024

Bill Reminder

I had a Sportsmans Guide Visa that uses this banking system. Their website has always been difficult to navigate. Plus quite often have maintenance issues. June and July of this year, the couple days they were going to be down for repairs was for most of 2 months. They were thoughtful enough to put up a disclaimer that they apologize for any inconveniences and blah blah blah wouldn't be charging any late fees while their website was down. After a couple of weeks of trying from before the beginning of July, I was able to log on and pay my credit card off. A day or 2 later I was able to get logged back on and checked to see if it was paid off. It showed a zero balance and I canceled the card. Been getting annoying calls from several numbers since.

December 23, 2022

Debt Collector
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