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Last telephone town hall of 2023 // Hi, this is your congressman, Morgan McGarvey at 202-25-5401 this isn't a scam call. I'm holding a telephone town hall right now to update you on what I'm working on in Congress. I want to hear from you, so just stay on the line and I'll get you connected. As you wait, know that you can press star three at any time. If you'd like to ask a question. The call will begin momentarily. Please hold while we connect you to your access live event. This access live event is currently in progress. Please note that this call may be monitored, recorded or rebroadcast in the importance and power of constituent services. I want you all to know our office is here to assist you with any federal issues you might have that could be Social Security, veterans and military benefits. It might be an immigration case. We have spent a lot of time this year on passports with hundreds upon hundreds of passport cases. So please get in touch with our office. Phoebe talked a little about we can get in touch with us tonight. Our Louisville office. The number is 502-582-5129 that's 502-582-5129 Our DC office is 2022-5540-1202-2554-01 you can visit us at McGarvey House Gov, which is our website for more information on any and all of the services we provide, as well as additional ways to get in touch with us. So I am really looking forward to hearing from you all tonight. It's the best part of this is hearing from you guys, answering questions, getting in a dialogue just as we start out, I want to talk a little bit about what's going on in Washington and what we're dealing with at the moment. I told you it has been a wild year. It has. Starting with Speaker McCarthy taking 15 ballots to get elected speaker, moving on to the debt ceiling, which was really a crazy time. And then back to the last couple of months when for the first time in the history of our country, a speaker was removed in the middle of their term. Kevin McCarthy was ousted by the speakership. And then we went through the drama of watching the Republican caucus try to find a new leader. They tried several times, could not coalesce. Finally, after weeks of sort of infighting, they landed on Speaker Mike Johnson. And we already had work piling up to do. We had to make sure that we didn't have a government shutdown and at least pass a continuing resolution, which is what happened to keep the government open. And now we still have a lot of work left on our plates. I'll start with the budget. We have not passed a budget since I've been here. We've only continued the previous year's budget. This does shortchange many of our families and many of our government.

December 7, 2023


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