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November 8, 2019




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What is this scam? How do I determine if this is a scam?

Appointment reminders are usually legitimate robocalls. Your doctor, dentist, mechanic, and many other service providers use automated dialing systems to alert patients of upcoming or missed appointments, ready prescriptions, test results, and more. Be very cautious about reminders you did not expect, or reminders that ask you to provide payment or personal information. If you receive an unexpected reminder, or a reminder that needs you to input personal information, or requests a deposit payment -- this may be a scam. Call your provider directly if you aren't sure about an appointment reminder.

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November 14, 2019

Called today at 3:11pm, 12:04pm and 8:40am from ext. 4151. Called yesterday at 12:26pm from ext. 4141. Called the day before at 2:39pm and 8:42am from ext. 4131. Called 3 days ago at 10:13am and 12:26pm from ext. 4121. Called 6 days ago at 12:52pm and 8:34am from ext. 4090.