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What is this scam? How do I determine if this is a scam?

Prisons use automated robocalling systems for making, receiving, and monitoring calls. These robocalls are most often legitimate -- especially if you know you have an incarcerated friend or relative who may be trying to reach out. However, beware: prison calls are not always legitimate. There are prison and jail robocall scams, and they are particularly frightening and dangerous. The scammer's tactic is simple: they tell you that you have a friend or relative in jail, far away from home, and they need money to bond out. The scammers may even have your relative's real name and some of their information. But it's a scam -- no one is really in prison! If you think you've received a prison or jail robocall, end the call and dial the jail back directly. The jail will be able to confirm whether someone you know is actually incarcerated. Never provide payment details or personal information to prison or jail callers.

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