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11 user reports for (407) 541-6743

October 9, 2019


Bank. Credit card

September 24, 2019

Caller Name: 407-541-6743 & other numbers that were previously blocked

I was informed that my account was delinquent. When I told the guy I am looking at it as we speak. He then informs me that I had 2 Paypal accounts. I told them that I just pulled up my account and it is current and I only have one. They asked me to confirm my address (where they mailed my card). Absolutely not, I am hanging up and calling the paypal number associated with my account. Called the next day they confirmed that I only have one account and it is in good standing. SCAM!!!!


September 20, 2019

Caller Name: Synchrony Bank re: paypal credit

Get a recording saying they are Synchrony Bank calling regarding PayPal Credit and to call 1-844-377-4136. HOWEVER, the number they are calling from is 1-407-541-6743. I've blocked the 407 number, but they continue to call from other phone numbers. VERY IRRITATING. SCAM ALERT!!!!

August 24, 2019


It called then hung up immediately upon connecting

July 31, 2019

Debt Collector

Debt collection for the previous owner of my number...which I got 7 YEARS ago. If I ever meet Colleen Griffith...I’m ripping her hair out.


July 17, 2019

Caller Name: Scammers

The call claims to be from Synchrony Bank and/or PayPal. Interestingly, the number they want you to call back on is not the one they call from. I blocked another number just recently that had the same message. I looked it up and people said that this is a scammer trying to get SSN info and scam you out of credit card information. Beware.

July 12, 2019

Credit Card Offer

It was a recording

June 29, 2019


I do not know who this is thanks for the help

June 29, 2019


calls come at all hours. have been on do not call list for many many years

June 29, 2019



June 26, 2019


Orlando Health

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