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hello this is a message from Orange County Public Schools to hear the message now press one to place this call on hold press the parents and Guardians this is █████ a █████ message █████ all happy New Year to █████ all █████ hope █████ had a █████ winter break with family and friends as █████ students █████ on Tuesday January 4th █████ on █████ is a █████

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January 13, 2022


Psycho Susan E. Magnani sending out robocalls, per usual. She owns Emblazon Industries. She installs spyware onto people's devices, and uploads deep fakes of them too. All to get revenge on customers, employees, or anyone else that doesn't like her. Her only real business is scamming and stalking people out of their time and money. Steer clear of this lying, manipulative individual.