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7 user reports for (407) 235-7379


January 15, 2020

Scammers, called on behalf of Hilton, were fishing for my cc information.


January 14, 2020

Caller Name: I did not answer

I did not answer. If it was important, they would have left a message. Caller did not leave message.

December 22, 2019

Caller Name: India scammer trying to steal my credit card and Social Security numbers

East Indian calls me and asks for me by name (which many scammers do by looking up the names associated with phone numbers to try to gain your trust) and I can tell that he is speaking from a script, and he tells me that I am due a credit refund and he needs my Visa credit card number and Social Security number "for verification purposes". I can hear at least 8-10 other people talking on phones behind him. So I play along with his scam, stringing him along for about 50 minutes, giving him a random fake SSN number. I then tell him after 30 minutes that I left my Visa card at my other second home lol. I ask him if he can credit my refund back to my Diners Club card lol. Being in India, he still does not get it that I am playing with him. I then say, "Oh wait, I found my Conoco bank card" lol, and read off 16 random digits. I hear him typing, trying to charge my fake credit card number, and he says it does not work. I tell him, "You typed it wrong! Here is my number again (16 random numbers), I can use my Conoco card all over the country." Finally, after almost an hour, he realizes that I was scamming his scam.

December 20, 2019



December 20, 2019

Caller Name: xoxo

not in my contacts, no message, going by the posts ahead of me. blocking on my phone.


December 20, 2019

Caller Name: Unknown

They asked if Tony was my name and then said my last name. Then they hung up.

December 19, 2019

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