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(385) 325-7239 is a Religious Call

Alternately: +13853257239

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God will bring Justice to this press 1 press 1 whatever was recently done again they cannot take any more of your money because I saw where there was a financial hindrance because of certain things that has taken place and even a person that came into your life but I heard the Lord began to say that this is going to be a season where God has not only protected you but he will cause Justice to be served on this

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What is this scam? How do I determine if this is a scam?

Religious robocalls are often scams. Religious robocallers will try to solicit donations for a phony cause or fake house of worship. In many cases, these robocallers are hoping to bypass your defenses by posing as a member of your religion. People tend to be less suspicious when there's some shared, common ground -- especially foundational ground like religious belief. Scammers love abusing this tactic to get your money or your information -- the less suspicion you have, the faster you'll pony up the money. Be wary of any religious caller trying to solicitate donations for a cause or for a place of worship. If you want to donate money to a religious cause, contact the organization directly to donate.

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