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October 13, 2019




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September 8, 2019

String 4.4 Location: The Dreaming City "Wow! It's just like in the brochure. When could all of this have happened?" the Student asked, eyes in awe. Where normally would have stood Petra in the Divalian Mists, there stood THE DREAMING CITY TOURIST INFORMATION BOOTH. "Well, what are you holding there, dear?" the clerk at the booth pointed at the brochure in the Student's hand. "So, you are saying that we can only see this because we brought this brochure with us?" MLGesus asked the clerk. "Yes. The brochure serves as a kind of key. But now that you are here - WELCOME TO THE MOST BEAUTIFUL DESTINATION AS VOTED BY THE VANGUARD TIMES!" "There is no such thing..." MLGesus asserted. The clerk smirked and gestured to a news rack, containing 20 copies of a magazine touting the most voted beautiful destination. "We're kind of like on the Ascendant Plane? Is there more than one Ascendant Plane?" the Student looked about. "Stop this haberdashery!" The clerk waved dismissively. "Just take a look around." "Alright l a d y," MLGesus tapped on the counter with his knuckles. "We'll take a look around." . . . . HOURS LATER... WALKING THROUGH THE CONFLUENCE. "I admit, the baryon bough salad was pretty good," MLGesus reflected. "For a salad," the Student finished. "The wax museum was kind of weird." "You kept taking selfies with all of the Taken Vex... per the suggestion of the brochure." "They look fun in photos!" The Student paused after spotting some baryon bough. "Random, but I have noticed that I have been picking out where all of the baryon bough are before you." "I wonder if my ghost's Future Perfect Shell's scanner is a bit defective since we are on The Dreaming City, but on here in a different way?" "Maybe..." the Student looked off. "We can't summon our sparrows here either." "That's just like how it is in the Ascendant Plane." "I don't know what to tell you guys, but you would think that if we saw baryon bough, my shell would detect it," the hunter guardian's ghost inserted. "Hmmm..." the Student absentmindedly thought it was interesting how the Dreaming City looked with all of the walls and pillars intact. "Ooh! Let's try the SHATTERED THRONE Dungeon!" the hunter guardian pointed excitedly. "I see the portal over there! Even if this whole place is meant to be a trap, I want to see how they did this." "A portal to the Shattered Throne seems almost like the perfect bait for you. If they said they had Recluse 10.0 it could not get much better," the Student stared warily at the portal. A feeling. "Then let's go! It will be fine!" "Okay... as you like." . . . As the Student and MLGesus jumped through the portal, an overhead, computerized voice spoke: |||| SCANNING |||||| SCANNING |||||||| SCANNING || TOKEN FOUND ||| TOKEN FOUND ||||||||| RETRIEVING Before he disappeared, the Student saw a bright glow on MLGesus's wrist. The bracelet. It would be hundreds of years before the Student would see what had become of its wearer.