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February 19, 2020




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2 user reports for (346) 299-2510

October 6, 2019

String 4.8 Location: ???? [Vex constructed prison of some sort?] Day 4 "Look! Things are already looking up," MLGesus[_13] gestured for his ghost to look at a glowing box in the walled tunnel. "This is obviously LORE!" | | | WELcOME to SEPtEmbEr of G5208 | | | WE hOPE yOu LikE yOur Stay! | COurtESy of yOur hOStS arE LORE PiEcES fOunD thrOughOut | tO hELP kEEP yOu EntErtainEd on thOSE dayS WhEn yOu cannOt gO Out. | PLEaSE EnjOy. "Hmmm. So this confirms that September is a place..." the hunter turned up the box for analysis. "My hosts are so thoughtful. Let's see what kind of style of lore they have..." | ONCE UPON A TIME, THERE WAS A PRINCE. | HE WAS TRAPPED IN A GIANT MAZE, AND | EVENTUALLY ESCAPED ONCE HE FOUND | A SECRET BUTTON WHICH LED TO A SECRET DOOR. | HE LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER. | THIS IS NOT WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU. | THOUGH YOU ARE TRAPPED IN A GIANT MAZE, | WE DID NOT INSTALL A SECRET BUTTON | WHICH LEADS TO A SECRET DOOR. | Author: P 5-4092 "Ah... direct and assertive lore, I see," the guardian closed the box and continued his walk through the prison-maze-hotel/bed-and-breakfast? ________________________ The function of ACTIVE Protocol 5-0492.D.B.E.? Demoralize, Break, and End MLGesus. Every so often, MLGesus would stumble upon a piece of writing that was written explicitly to demonstrate that his hosts had thought and planned for all possible scenarios for his captivity.

September 26, 2019

Debt Collector

They call 6 times a day

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