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19 user reports for (330) 280-5882

October 1, 2019


PayPal scam.


September 20, 2019

Debt Collector
Caller Name: Synchrony Bank for Paypal Credit

This is a REAL attempt to collect a late or past due Paypal Credit payment by Synchrony Bank. This is Synchrony Bank. If you get a call from them i suggest just logging into your Paypal account and take a look at your last paypal credit payment to see if you missed your last payment. Otherwise they will bug the Sh.. oiut of you.

September 19, 2019


This is not a paypal scam

September 10, 2019


Legitimate PayPal debt call.

August 19, 2019


This is Synchrony Bank, if you have a Paypal visa (online only) and if missed your payment they called you to make payments arrangements. It is a real call.

August 5, 2019


PayPal credit


July 23, 2019

Bill Reminder
Caller Name: Paypal

If you have a PayPal account this thing will call you constantly if your 5 minutes late on your payment. Probably one of the worst tactics to ever use if you want to keep customers.

July 19, 2019



July 14, 2019


call 5 times a day - never leaves a message - high risk!

July 10, 2019


Synchrony bank

July 9, 2019

Can these type calls be reported to police or government officials to get them stopped and or have someone charged with some criminal offense.

July 8, 2019

Its a Robo call. I called it back from my number to see what they'll say & it Says I have an account with paypal, but ive never had an account with them.. They ask for my ssn & I just hung up after this is a way for them to steal information be careful

June 29, 2019

PayPal Credit

June 27, 2019

Can confirm they call three times a day. It's quite annoying. How do you get them to stop?

June 27, 2019


They call about 3 times a day and never leave a voicemail.

June 27, 2019

Called me four times today. Haven't answered since I don't know anyone from Ohio. Based on other comments, blocked.

June 26, 2019

Call comes up as an Ohio number. Called me twice and does not leave voicemail.

June 26, 2019

Just called. Not a person.

June 26, 2019

robo call

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