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(312) 574-1806 is a Scam Call

Alternately: +13125741806

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Collection Scam

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December 25, 2020

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6 user reports for (312) 574-1806

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October 27, 2020

Caller Name: no idea

they called - I answered and said hello then they immediately hung up. I called back immediately and a recording said they were closed.

March 14, 2020


Legitimate collection agency


February 27, 2020

Debt Collector
Caller Name: 312-574-1806

This is NOT a robo-call, or spam call. This is an attorney firm out of Chicago attempting to collect a debt. The TRUTH about debt collection is that a 3rd party has absolutely NO legal right or authority to collect a debt from you, as you do not have a business agreement with them for the money owed. AS LONG AS you continue to deny (your real name) is at the phone number they have called, then they can never even legally report the debt to collections - as technically, you have not been notified. 312-574-1806 is Harris & Harris Attorney Firm out of Chicago Illinois. They are a medical debt collection legal firm, and not a robo-call or spam calling service. Here's how to protect yourself against 3rd party debt collectors! DO NOT - EVER - NEVER, NEVER, EVER admit your name, your address or that you are even the correct person they are attempting to contact. Once you do, they have the right to contact you EVERY SINGLE DAY and to ultimately destroy your credit.

January 29, 2020


Unknown reason for the call


November 16, 2019

Caller Name: None Given

Caller asked for husband's name (which means this came from Henderson Hospital in Nevada selling our data) "Who's speaking, please?" I asked "Serena..<inaudible last name>.." He replied in a deep voice "Who?" "You ask too many questions.." and hung up So the only person who has this number was the hospital in Henderson, Las Vegas Nevada.

October 26, 2019

Debt Collector
Caller Name: Harris and Harris Law firm

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