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(270) 200-5056 is a Community Alert Call

Alternately: +12702005056

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Community Alert

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Community Alert

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October 17, 2020

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oh I'm glad you picked up I was getting my answering machine voice ready █████

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What is this scam? How do I determine if this is a scam?

Community alert robocalls are usually legitimate robocalls. Some municipalities or HOAs use automated dialing systems to call all residents regarding a community alert, a change in scheduling, or other community based issues. Legitimate community alerts just want to inform you of something. They don't want your personal information or any sort of payment. Scammers may use community alerts, too. Phony or scam alerts will request personal information or payment details -- or they may want you to press a number to confirm receipt of the announcement. Be wary of any community alert that prompts you to take a specific action -- even if it's as simple as pressing "one" on the keypad.

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1 user report for (270) 200-5056

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October 17, 2020

Community Alert
Caller Name: Steve Savage & Loretta Woodward

COLD CALLS and claims to be Collecting Donation Requests for Law Enforcement. Residential Homes, Inc. - starts the above "dialog verbatim" - and begins by stating "This message is being recorded..." However, No Indication that This Cellphone Called or Requested The Initiated Call. * Possible * Likely SCAM? Unsolicited Business Call * I asked where the money goes... Ask the Secretary of State in Kentucky. It's a Cellphone or Landline number in Kentucky BTW! Bluegrass KY