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Luisa MARTINEZ Job Offer

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Job Offer

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May 26, 2023

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What is this scam?

Job offer robocalls are calls that offer you a job. Often the job sounds fantastic -- you'll be working from home, making 100K, and other huge perks. Unfortunately, the job isn't real. Scammers are looking for your money or your personal information. A common variant of this scam involves sending your "first check" with an overage. You're only supposed to get $2,000 -- but you receive a check for $5,000. You're told to forward the extra money onto a third party, or to buy office supplies from a specific supplier. The check bounces a few weeks later, leaving your bank account overdrawn. Scammers got the "extra money" (your money) because they were the third party supplier. Younger folks often fall for job offer scams. With little professional experience and often desperate need to begin employment, young adults fall prey to job offer robocalls.

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4 user reports for (213) 723-2910

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February 13, 2023

Job Offer

Got and email from Luisa stating i applied for a position at Furer, which i never have. SCAM


December 29, 2022

Caller Name: Luisa Martinez

Job Offer

They called 13 times so far


December 27, 2022

Caller Name: No one person named luisa martinez emailed me

Job Offer

I got an email from a luisa martinez who works for the HR Departent at a company called Mcquadeca When I went to check this company's website there was no such thing. I googled in the phone number and saw there was no company as such. Took a screenshot of it but am not able to paste it here. It just gives me an error saying "403 forbidden" So I wouldn't even respond back to this whatsoever.


November 23, 2022

Caller Name: Furerca

Job Offer

SCAMMER! Never applied for this company called Furerca and they keep calling and emailing me for an interview for a job I never applied for. Not sure how they got my number but definitely a scam BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY. SCAMMER IS LUISA MARTINEZ

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