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So I can tell you this is a real "handyman" type contractor. His name came through as "Demetrey Williams" (also "Damion" on Cash App). I hired him through an Anji's List recommendation to replace a failed toilet drain pipe with PVC. He did arrive to the house this past Friday (3/10/2023), refused to accept payment through the Anji's List app (cash, Zelle, Cash App). But he did return after I foolishly gave him $400 cash as an advance to buy the needed materials. He installed the pipe (borrowed my ladder, my extension cord, used my contractor trash bags, had to make a second trip to Home Depot to buy an extra spring clamp, asked me to provide a face mask due to the sewage smells, and used his shirt instead). He failed to lay down plastic covering and my basement flooring was coated in fecal sludge from the removed pipe. The pipe continued through my bedroom closet wall, and some of that made contact with my bedding (thankfully washed out). The pipes needed to set for a few hours, so he told me two wait and test them later. There was one small leak, he told me he'd be back the next day (Saturday). After waiting for a time of day, I followed up later Saturday morning, and he told me he was at another job, and asked if Sunday would be ok. I said yes, but I needed to know what time. We settled on 12 noon. Sunday at noon passes, no Demetrey. I reached out, no reply. Same at 12:30, then again at 1pm. After ghosting me up to 2:30, I reached out to Anji's List to see if they can help me recover from this scammer. Wasted my weekend waiting for this punk and my new PVC pipes (which he did actually install) has a leak. He also refused to haul away the old sludgy pipes... they are currently piled in my back yard. DO NOT HIRE.

March 13, 2023


Contacting through Angi's App for hired contractor and never showed. Kept saying they were in front of my house when they clearly were not and saying they were calling when they weren't. Total fraud!

January 30, 2023

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