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December 7, 2019




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What is this scam? How do I determine if this is a scam?

Social security robocalls are a frightening type of scam. You receive a robocall, and suddenly, an angry person on the other end is threatening you. It's the Social Security Administration, and they need you to provide some personal information because their computers are down. Or -- you were overpaid and you need to pay it back immediately. Or -- your check isn't coming until you give some information to the caller. These are all scams! These scams have successfully extracted millions of dollars from Americans. Social security scams are especially dangerous to seniors and people on disability. Many of these folks are entirely dependent on their SSA income, so it causes great panic to hear they won't get their check as expected. This panic unfortunately leads to making payments or providing information to scammers. Remember -- the SSA doesn't call people to request money -- end of story. Any call you receive from the SSA requesting money or personal information is guaranteed to be a scam. The SSA, like most US government agencies, prefers to communicate by written mail.

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4 user reports for (214) 296-4952

October 21, 2019


This number called with a recording saying something about Social Security, my grandmother picked up and then handed me the phone to listen so I didn't catch the entire recording. But it ended with an option to press 1 to speak with a "federal agent" so I pressed 1 to give them a hard time - the more time they spend not scamming me the less time they have to successfully scam someone else. I asked why they were calling and the person I spoke with (who had a very thick foreign accent) said that I was connected to him so why was I calling him! We went back and forth like that, me telling him he was scamming people and him laughing and calling me stupid for a while. After a few minutes of back and forth, he asked if there was someone he could talk to and I said no and that I still wanted to know why his organization was calling and scamming people. He told me I would go to hell and then hung up on me. Obvious scam is obvious. Social Security doesn't call people.

October 18, 2019

Social Security Scam

Left voicemail. SS Scam


October 18, 2019

Social Security Scam
Caller Name: Alleged SS Dept

I received 2 calls today. One from this number and one from 800-777-9890 with both alleging that my SS benefits were in jeopardy.

October 18, 2019

Social Security Scam
Caller Name: Social Security Administration

Recording saying "This call is from the Social Security Administration the reason of this call is to notify you about the intimation to suspend your social security number this is final attempt to reach you to resolve this issue immediately and speak to a federal agent press one now."

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